Sorrow of the Sea Maidens

Book By Fengar Gael

Schedule: May 7, 8, 9, 10, 15 & 16

Cost: $15, $20, $25, & $30

On the fictitious island of Dolphina, Gwendolyn Welles, a marine biologist, awaits the birth of her genetically modified daughter. In the last months of the pregnancy, an ultrasound image reveals the fetus has regressed to an amphibious stage, with webbed hands, feet, and gills. Her husband and doctor recommend an immediate abortion, but since the oceans are rising from drastic climatic changes, Gwendolyn feels the world may benefit from a species that thrives on both land and sea. While nursing Gwendolyn through the pregnancy, a doula named Mirabelle bonds with her through daily swims in the sea. Months later, when the infant, Finoola, is born, she is a piscine mutation bearing no semblance to the daughter they’d imagined. Gwendolyn’s husband demands she be euthanized, while Mirabelle and a devoutly religious maid insist she be allowed to live. Gwendolyn and Marlin are unable to conquer their revulsion, and take
an extended trip, leaving Finoola with Mirabelle who develops a genuine affection for her. When Gwendolyn returns, she decides to surgically alter Finoola to conform to acceptable images of human anatomy. Mirabelle feels this is unethical and a custody battle ensues, resulting in Finoola’s foray into the ocean where she vanishes during a storm. Twenty years later, evidence of her survival appears in amphibious infants born to mothers who swam in the region.