A year round enrichment theater program boasting a 6 week musical theater summer camp, a 4 week leadership through playwriting camp, Fall after school classes, a children’s Christmas production, and MORE! To learn more about our programs, dates, and events; complete the short form at the end of this page. We also were honored to be named 1 of 50 Finalists for the 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards - click here to read details.

Pistarckle Theater is a 501c-3 Non-Profit Organization in excellent standing and is recognized as a Virgin Islands public school initiative.

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“The show was FANTASTIC! Thank you for your hard work, commitment, and sharing your love of theater with our kids. It was obvious from their individual performances that they were proud of their involvement in the production. Congratulations! -Sharmane Brathwaite, mom to Nathan

“It was a privilege to witness all your hard work paying off last night. You have taught those kids much more than how to put together a play!” 

-Lisa Joy Porter, mom to Haley

“I was so moved by your passion. It made me understand why theater is so important for kids!” -Denise Richards, Spa Manager

“You have already helped in that you and others at Pistarckle have given my children the opportunity to shine and be aware of their potential. For that I will be always grateful.” – Denisa Whatley, mom to J’Nelle & Floyd

“So Tristan started his summer acting camp today and is on his usual high from it. Lol. He came home and had a cuppa and read the Into the Woods script from front to back. 4 hours straight! No electronics. I am one happy mamma!” 

– Gina Feddersen

“My favorite thing about camp is how different it is from any other camp or school activity. You learn to work in a team. Sometimes you are asked to do things that make you feel silly and stupid, but everyone does it and no one laughs. You also learn respect.” 

- Alexandra, Little Red Riding Hood

“My daughter Eesha had a very positive experience with the camp . She not only discovered the joy of acting and singing and dancing, but also working with different age groups . The importance of practice and the commitment to do well in whatever one undertakes.” - Aparna Ved