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'CATCH & KEEP' - The 2017 World Premiere of a locally written play, chosen from among the 2016 New Playwrights Festival entries

Final Performance: Popular Comedy Play by local playwright Susan Hunter
- Saturday, May 13 - at 8 p.m.

The Play:  When it gets hold of something, it does not easily let go.  The title of the play, Catch and Keep, represents how some people are suited to make island life their whole world while others need the whole world to have a life. The peculiarities one young woman encounters when she moves to St. Thomas bring forward strengths she never knew were within her.  Her friend, who had always been her rock, is brought nearly to her knees by simple things, like sun and mosquitoes, and cannot wait to return to the mainland. St. Thomas is not for everyone, but for catches and it keeps.

Read what theater-goers are saying:
"Always a wonderful experience. I have never attended at play at Pistarckle and not been moved. For a small community theater, it has a heart, a pulse that draws in you and just doesn't let you go. Such a blessing to this community!"

"Attended the opening night for St. Thomian playwright, Susan Hunter's, "Catch and Keep" last evening. It's a comedic portrayal of the oh-so-familiar, laughable moments most of us encounter in our experiences of life here on the Rock!  Cleverly written with a subtle message: it's not the color of our skin, but rather, the complexion of our heart that catches and keeps us where we end up in life.  Hats off to cast and crew at Pistarckle Theater. Bravo! Keep 'em coming!"

"Hey STT peeps, go this weekend to the theater at Tillett Garden and watch the play " Catch and Keep"! It was absolutely hysterical, a story about a woman who inherits a home here on St Thomas and the play is about what happens to her when she moves down here to the island. Lot of jokes only islanders can catch because it's so true and accurate! Promise you, you will have an amazing time!!  Mark Abbott, you and the entire crew were AMAZING in this play!! I have to come back and watch you guys again!!"  

Read what St. Thomas resident and Catch & Keep playwright Susan Hunter wrote after attending opening night on May 4th: "I was thrilled at the audience's reception. One person told me she felt "nourished" by the positive messages and it was the best time she's had on St. Thomas in years. THAT is a marvelous review! Thanks to the stellar cast and fine direction, this is a play for everyone to enjoy. My appreciation to all who packed the house last night...your enthusiasm was astounding!!"

Bo - Julie Baber
Stephanie - Krystal Setorie-Junkene
Nevillina - Stephanie J. Richardson
Taxi Driver - Christina Harper
Ghost Girl - Maia Tulud
Realtor - Jennifer Arellano
Flight Attendant - Joyette Kendig
WAPA Woman - Suehila Hodge
Pizza Delivery/Voice of WAPA - Kalia O'Neill-Allard
Bird - Mark Abbot
Woman on Plane - Bonnie Erb
Party Guests - Kalia; Mark; Joyette; Christina; Suehila; Bonnie

Producer:  Nikki Emerich
Director:  Frank Bartolucci
Costume Design:  Laurie Blake
Set & Light Design:  Frank Bartolucci
South Board Operator: Nolan Hamilton-Kraft

Operating Staff:
Nicola Emerich:  Founder/Artistic Producer
Frank Bartolucci:  Resident Director
Priscilla Lynn:  Marketing/Development Director
Matthew Hamilton-Kraft:  Grants
Sandy Symkens:  Bookkeeper


St. Thomian playwright Susan Hunter  

St. Thomian playwright Susan Hunter


Catch & Keep Playwright BIO:  
Author Susan Hunter.  Growing up in the bottomlands of southern Indiana pretty much answers the question of why a move to the Caribbean, for anyone.  Susan moved from Indiana to St. Thomas in the early 70’s with her daughter, a dog and little else. Descended from a long line of blow-hard men and lily-gilding women, storytelling is in her blood.  She has written many stories of her family, her life and pure imaginary circumstances, following the tradition of good story first, facts later.  Susan lives on St. Thomas in an old Danish manor home, where the door is always open to friends, happy times and good stories.