Pistarckle Theater welcomes U.S. military personnel,
spouses and children as well as U.S. Veterans

Pistarckle Theater has a long-standing commitment to the military personnel in our community and we welcome you to our theater.

Pistarckle Theater offers 10% off tickets to military personnel and their immediate families. Our upcoming 2018-19 Play Season will begin on October 11th - click here for full details. Contact us at (340) 775-7877 and identify yourself as a military personnel or use the code MILITARY while purchasing your tickets online. Pistarckle Theater has also started a Care & Share Program that allows season membership holders to donate unused tickets to qualifying military families. Free or discounted tickets are based upon availability on any given date.

On behalf of Blue Star Families (BSF) and Theatre Communications Group (TCG), we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your commitment to expressing the country’s and the community's appreciation for the hard work our military families do in defending and protecting America. Blue Star Families’ mission is to tell the story of military family life and to create community among military families and their neighbors. We know that arts and culture are really key both to storytelling and to creating community. It was the vision of BSF and TCG to provide military families with an enriching, fun, and free or significantly discounted activity with their loved ones. For Blue Star Families, it supports our mission in helping to strengthen community bonds and foster a greater understanding of the military lifestyle. For Theatre Communications Group, it supports our vision of a better world for theatre and a better world because of theatre.

A special note from Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO and Board President of Blue Star Families: “Thank you for your partnership with Blue Star Theatres! Together, over the last eight years, we’ve grown theatre participation from 22 theatres in the first launch of the program to 167 participating theatres spanning 42 U.S. states and territories. What a success! We couldn’t have done it without you and we truly appreciate the relationships we’ve built. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships as we continue to grow together!”

"Blue Star Theatres is a program of Blue Star Families and Theatre Communications Group."


Blue Star Theatres is a program of Blue Star Families and
Theatre Communications Group